Marine Technical Experts Services

Our secret of success is that we treat all engines as different and unique “personalities”. We believe that even two engines of the same type from the same constructor are totally different and therefore we apply different approaches to achieve the appropriate top outcome for each case.

We offer our services to all types of 2-stroke and 4-stroke diesel generators, auxiliary engines, electrical motors and turbochargers. So, we can provide all the necessary repairs and maintenance to Bulk carriers, Tankers, OO-Ore/Oil carriers, OBO-Ore/Bulk/Oil carriers, Tweendeckers/MPP, Reefer, Ro/Ro-Roll on Roll off vessels, PCC/PCTC - Pure car and pure car/truck carrier, Containership, LNG-Linquified Natural Gas Carriers, LPG-Liquified Petroleum Gas Carriers, passenger and cruise vessels and yachts.

EcoMagnetizer Authorized Dealer
  • Protection of installations of cold and hot water from the formation of scale and also the cleaning from pre-existing scale.
  • Stabilization of the pH and stop electrolysis
  • Great reduction in chemical additives in water
  • Improved dissolution of Oxygen in water. This is very important in liquid waste
  • Reduction in the use of detergents
  • Increased effectiveness of the chemicals used for the control of microbial load and algae in the water
  • Conservation of the physiochemical properties of the water
  • Fuel save
  • Less charcoal powder
  • Increase of the engine torque
  • Reduction in carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbon and nitrogen oxides (NOx)
  • Cleaner cooling system of the engine
  • Cleaner Fuel pumps and fuel injection valves
  • Cleaner fuel supply system