Who We Are

And What we do

Marine Technical Experts offers integrated solutions in the field of marine services, such as ship repairs, with high quality, efficiency, rapidity and reliability. Moreover, safety rules are very important to us and for that reason we always follow the safety rules to ensure the safety of our employees and everybody else’s that can be affected by our services. 

Marine Technical Experts’ personnel are available 24 hours per day, every day to provide all the necessary support that will be needed by our clientele. We are always willing to offer our advices on matters that trouble our clients and they need a trusted professional who will give a critical and worthy help.

Marine Technical Experts is a leading technical company which offers its clientele integrated custom-based solutions in a modern 2,000 square meters workshop based in Greece. The high standard facilities, the experienced engineers and the well trained technicians provide 24/7 high quality services such as fabrication/manufacturing, rectification, recondition and repair of marine equipment. The variety of onboard and ashore technical services enables us to give our customers specific solutions in the most efficient and professional manner.

Marine Technical Experts focuses on ship repairs

We repair two-stroke and four-stroke engines of any type. Marine Technical Experts’ personnel have lot of years of experience in the demanding field of ship repairs.

All our employees have previously worked for firms that were certified by M.A.N – B & W, Wartsila, Daihatsu and Yanmar. Therefore, our firm can guarantee for the best possible outcome and client’s satisfaction.

Our engineers are available to provide the requested on site attendance with the ultmost responisbility and effectiveness (inspection and repair) all over the world.

The secret of our success is to “treat” all engines as different and unique “personalities”. It is our belief that even two engines, same type and of same maker/constructor are different and therefore different approach should be applied in order to achieve results and top quality outcome.


Our Company’s Primary Policy and commitment is to fulfill its contractual responsibilities towards its clients’ requirements, aiming at their full satisfaction, through an organized environment that focus on the continuous improvement of the efficiency and effectiveness of HSQE.

The development, improvement, progress and success of the company are factors directly dependent on its customers. These factors should be based on the high quality of the services offered, which meets the requirements or exceeds the expectations of its customers.

To implement the above-mentioned commitments, the company determines the next Quality Objectives, inviting its staff to contribute to their fulfillment:
• Continual improvement of the customer satisfaction.
• Implementation and maintenance of the HSQE
• Delivery of products / services meeting the contractual obligations of the company, as well as legislative and regulatory requirements.

Achieving these objectives requires:

• The placement of Quality as the primary objective of all our work activities
• The adoption and implementation of practices of continuous improvement of Quality with the active participation of all employees
• Controlling and monitoring company processes and implementing corrective actions whenever and wherever needed to solve problems and eliminate errors and mistakes
• Developing of a team spirit and collaboration between departments and between employees
• The training, improvement and satisfaction of the staff, as the employees of the company are the main force and the ones who are working for the satisfaction of its customers.
• Following the Safety Standards in and out of the workplace
• Compliance with environmental regulations and continuous improvement.

Every employee is responsible, in the field of his / her work responsibilities, for the implementation and compliance of the Quality Policy, the compliance of the Quality Management System, the Environment and Health and Safety System and its continuous improvement.