Answers To The Most Common Questions

marine technical experts FAQ section

Yes, we offer honing services in workshop and onboard. We use new Chris-Marine 8-arm honing HONX machine (bore 350mm-1000mm). We have personnel which is trained by Chris-Marine (certifications are available upon request)

Yes, we offer LDM onboard services for the measurement of main engine two stroke engines (bore 500-980mm). We use latest Chris-Marine LDM device. We have personnel which is trained by Chris-Marine (certifications are available upon request)

Yes we do hold ISO Certifications. As a matter of fact our firm Marine Technical Experts holds the following International Standards:

- ISO 9001
- ISO 14001
- ISO 45001

Marine Technical Experts’ employees and engineers are available 24 hours every day to assist our clientele for any raising problem that may appear.

Marine Technical Experts’ engineers are available any time to discuss and offer consulting for any technical issue that troubles you either through email or by phone.

Marine Technical Experts after the completion of every technical service provide an analytical service report which indicates in detail what repairs were done in the ship. Our service report includes measurements and photos, which are sent to the client via email and in a CD for his/her records.

Marine Technical Experts does supply spare parts. Please visit our Spare Parts Tab or send us an email at info@marine-experts.gr with your request.

Yes. We offer our honing services only onboard. More specifically, we do honing in main engine cylinder liners and auxiliary engine cylinder liners.
Yes we can rectify valves and seat valves onboard. Additionally, we have our own made tools which give us the opportunity to complete the rectifying services in a shorter time period than usual.
Marine Technical Experts offers to its engineers a wide bibliography, audiovisual material (CD’s and DVD’s) and the opportunity to attend appropriate seminars. Therefore, Marine Technical Experts’ engineers are informed with all the latest news regarding ship repairs.
In every meeting we highlight the importance of the safety measures. Safety comes always first and for that reason Marine Technical Experts’ engineers follow all the safety instructions before they start working. Our firm provides them all the necessary equipment such as goggles, earplugs etc.