Services with Chris-Marine Tools

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Services with CHRIS-MARINE Tools

Our firm, Marine Technical Experts offers a variety of services with Chris-Marine tools and devices such as LDM, LCC, CTM, Replica and Honing. Our MTE engineers that offer services with Chris-Marine tools and devices are trained by Chris-Marine in Sweden and we use entirely original Chris-Marine materials ensuring the quality of the service.

Our services with Chris-Marine tools and devices provide quality outcome and cost-efficient services as one engineer can offer a full inspection of an engine in few hours compared to conventional methods which are more time consuming and more expensive.

Honing (Chris-Marine HONX)

Our Chris-Marine HONX honing machine with 8-armed honing head carries out honing services for engine liners from 320mm-1000mm diameter. Therefore, we are capable of covering a variety of liners from various makers such as M.A.N, Sulzer and Wartsila

Honing is important as this process rectifies the shape of the liner, removes scuffing and restores the surface cross pattern. As a result of the above are:

  • Better lubrication of liner and piston rings
  • Life expectancy of liner and piston rings
  • Engine’s performance

Liner Diameter Measurement (Chris-Marine LDM)

Chris-Marine Liner Diameter Measuring tool (LDM) can be used for verifying cylinder wear and deformation prior to dry-docking or for following up cylinder wear and deformation on a single engine of interest by complementing regular scavenging port inspections with cylinder liner measurement.

Abnormal wear and deformation resulting from slow-steaming, new lube oils or changed route are conveniently picked up with the LDM, allowing for prompt countermeasures.

Τhe most important and critical aspect of LDM service is that liner measurements can be taken without the removal of the cylinder head and therefore in only few hours we can have the measurements of the liners of the entire engine for further evaluation and maintenance actions (if necessary)

For two-stroke liners 500-980mm bore.


Coating Thickness Measurement (Chris-Marine CTM)

CTM is a measuring tool that measures the thickness of the coating on magnetic and non-magnetic base materials with high precision

CTM aspects:

  • Ideal for condition-based monitoring of piston rings in 2-stroke engines
  • Measures non-magnetic coating base materials, such as chromium plated or plasma coated cast iron
  • Measures non-magnetic coatings on non-magnetic base materials, such as plastic-coated stainless steel
  • Automatically detects whether the base material is magnetic or non-magnetic

Replica Test is an efficient way to monitor your cylinder condition.

With replica test you can get a general picture of cylinder liners’ health.


  • cat fines
  • clogged graphite’s
  • micro-cracks and other microscopic details performance

Replica test, combined with LDM and LCC offer a good overview of the cylinder liner’s condition.


Chris-Marine Liner Condition Camera (Chris-Marine LCC)
scans/documents the condition of the cylinder liner surface.

The photos are used when evaluating cylinder condition such as:

  • cleanliness of ring land
  • size of cylinder wear edge
  • cylinder honing mark and wave-cut groove extension
  • black lacquering from corrosive wear and bore polish
The Chris-Marine Liner Condition Camera has four cameras that document liner running surface, exhaust valves without removing the cylinder cover. Only venting of combustion chamber is necessary (e.g by opening the indicator valve). Cameras 1-3 are facing the liner walls in slightly overlapping sectors. Camera 4 is facing upwards toward injectors and exhaust valve.